worked amber
Roland & Margarete
Dinosaur bone
Amber from Portugal


   Unique pieces in Amber 

 Object in amber(SM 059) Bracelet in amber (SM 060)
Necklace amber, Ag oxid. (SM 061) Ring Ag, Au, amber (SM 062)














We do

Unique pieces in black silk with amber and dinosaur bone.

Unique pieces in Ag/Au with amber and/or dinosaur bone.

Unique pieces in gold/silver with stones.


Here some examples:



 Ring Ag, dinosaur bone, tourmaline (SM 063) Brooch amber(SM 064)


 Pendant amber,Ag(SM 065) Earrings amber, dinosaur bone,Ag (SM 066)

Ring Ag, opac amber (SM 067) Pendant silver, amber (SM 068)


Ring faceted amber, Ag (SM 069) Pendant dinosaur bone with opal(SM 070)


description art.-nr. price
Object in amber SM 059 90,-
Bracelet in amber SM 060 sold
Necklace amber, Ag oxid. SM 061 450,-
Ring Ag, Au, amber SM 062  120,-
Ring ,Ag,Au, dinosaur bone, tourmaline SM 063 sold
Brooch amber SM 064 120,-
Pendant amber, Ag SM 065  75,-
Earrings amber, dinosaur bone, Ag SM 066 85,-
Ring Ag, opac amber SM 067 75,-
Pendant silver amber SM 068 125,-
Ring, fac.amber/Ag SM 069  140,-
Pendant dinosaur bone with opal               SM 070 245,-




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 23. Janeiro 2011