worked amber
Roland & Margarete
Dinosaur bone
Amber from Portugal


Dinosaur bone

On some beaches appr. 80km north of Lisbon collectors found Fossil saurian bones in rock-like forms.These pieces (fragments) have been weathered/rounded by the sea, they have lost their original form and therefore, they are not really of any interest for palaeontologists.  However, the fascinating structure of these 155 million year old bones has remained intact until today. The fossilized bone substance is carbonized and the cavities are filled with calcite and pyrite. We work (cutting, grinding and drilling) with this material and use it to make our unique jewellery.



We do:

Polished slices

Cabs and free formes







description art.-nr. price
Slices, polished SK 061 0,40 to  3,-p. Gr.
Cabs, free forms SK 062 3,-    to 6,-p. Gr.


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 23. Janeiro 2011